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Evandro Muti was born in Viterbo (Italy), where he began his artistic career. His first works reflect the experiences in the youth, creating the effect of light and dark, thick, light and shadows with simple black lineson whit cardstock.

This work lasts up to the early seventies, when he moved to Rome to follow studies architettura.Comincia to attend the major tunnels in the capital, knows several artists, with whom friendship ago, and discovered the famous school of "Bauhaus" and with it its major exponents in the field pictorial, which Kle, Kandinsky, Mondrian and Vasarely, which determine his technique, to invent a genre. This discovery will mark a key step in its art.


From this moment abandons black and white and is dedicated to color, which deals with a lot of originality and spigliatezza. Create visions of abstract, formed by interlacing geometric forms on different floors, making the almost three-dimensional framework pursuing this speech until the early eighties. During this period there is a first approach to  figurative,  creates a

world where all  his  paintings of  onirici,  enchanted, landscape architectural                                          Evandro muti

structures with imaginary, surreal, with background plates, without nuances but with a strong vitality colour. Ritrae items commonly used in stilizza forms, making them almost alien.

The mastery of color and smooth finish tract confer the intense raffinatezza.In summary Evandro is attentive to, interested in the part, contemporary color. Just to fragment and colour follows its latest generation of paintings, his latest inventions.

Those are new: fragments of trains. The train, a symbol par excellence of the trip, what in fact the artist performs with his paintings, an imaginary trip around the world, trying to embrace all peoples in the hope of bringing a message of peace and brotherhood.



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